Pastor Michael Pemberton

Michael Pemberton grew up in a small town in Michigan. Shortly after graduating from high school in 1979 he joined the army. Michael was raised Catholic and became atheist. He was saved on February 20, 1980 after he found a Gospel tract in a vacant lot. He read it over and over again and finally went to the address stamped on the back. That was the Christian Serviceman's Center in Killeen, TX. There a patient man answered all his questions by opening the word of God to him and causing him to read the scriptures. Two days later, while on a field exercise in his army tank, he called on the Lord for salvation.

When Michael got out of the army three years later he pursued his call to preach by returning to Texas. This time to San Antonio to attend the "Elder's Seminary" at the church at 602 Oak Knoll. It was there he met and married Lynda. He was ordained pastor of that church and continued there until moving to Colorado in 1989 to start a work based on the same New Testament principles as the one in San Antonio. Michael ministered in Colorado Springs for 13 years, spent 5 years in the Tampa Bay area and relocated to San Antonio in 2010. Michael and Lynda have been blessed with three lovely children.

Michael is a working pastor, not unlike the apostle Paul, who made tents for a living so that he would not be chargeable to those to whom he ministered. His encouragement to you would be: "All you need is faith in God in your heart, the call of God on your life, and the Word of God in your hand to do any work God calls you to do. Get to it".