Internet Links

The following links are provided for your reference. We may not agree with everything you find on any every one of the following links. However, we feel that the information contained in these links will be both beneficial and educational for most of our visitors.

Christian Think Tank
Glenn Miller's site contains some very well thought out apologetics of the Christian Faith.

Gatherings In Jesus Name in San Antonio, TX
This is our sister church here in San Antonio.

Preaching In Poland
This is the website of my good friend Brent Riggs. His family has been in mission work in Mexico and now in Poland. His website details his work in Poland.

The Spurgeon Archive
This website highlights the life and sermons of Charles Haddon Spurgeon. C.H. Spurgeon is often referred to as "The Prince of Preachers". Read his works and find out why.

Sermon Index
Greg Gordon's website is a great place to get mp3 versions of the sermons of some great preachers. He also publishes the Old Paths newsletter. You can find a link on the site. The site is also a call to revival in clear terms.

Michael Pemberton