The Father

We believe that the Father is one in essence with the Son and Holy Spirit. There is only one God. All things were created by the Father, through His Son, the preincarnate Word who became a man in the flesh. The Father knows all things that ever were, that are, that are to come and all things that could have been yet are not nor ever will be. As God, the Father is completely sovereign, His purposes and His will are always accomplished even though man has freewill and often attempts to defy the Father's will. The Father is completely holy and by His power, through the Holy Spirit, we are made to be holy in the image of His Son.

The Son

We believe that the Son of God is Jesus Christ our only Lord and Savior. The Son existed with the Father before time when all that existed was eternity. The Son is uncreated, the creator of all things through whom and for whom all things came to be. It is by the Son's power that everything exists and continues to remain. The Son is one in essence with the Father and the Holy Spirit. As the Son, before he was flesh, he was the Word. Though completely equal to the Father, he became a servant to the Father by becoming a man. The Son died and through His own power, raised Himself from the dead. As Christians, we are to become like the Son--servants of the Father, completely humble, full of holiness, empowered by the Holy Spirit, heirs of all that is Christ's, raised from the dead and glorified by God to eternal glory.

The Holy Spirit

We believe that the Holy Spirit is our only source of power and eternal life. The Holy Spirit existed with the Father before time when all that existed was eternity. It is by His power that we die to our life in sin and live to Christ in holiness. Without the Holy Spirit, we cannot belong to Christ. No one can be holy apart from the Spirit. A person without the Spirit cannot understand spiritual things, is unteachable and is hostile to God. The Spirit brings eternal life and is the "deposit guaranteeing" eternal life. Apart from him, there can be no reality or understanding of holiness.

The Trinity

We believe that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are not three gods but one God. They are of one essence, yet separate in three ways. No doctrine can perfectly describe this mystery yet there are some things about God we can know. The Trinity is not three gods. The three, though one, are not separate in desire, holiness and power. Each desires what the Father wills and are in agreement with Him. One does not act apart from the will of the other, yet each one serves a distinct and separate role. All are eternal in one nature, uncreated in one nature, and all powerful in one nature.

The Depravity of Man

Because of the fall of Adam, it is not possible that person cannot not sin. It is not that people must sin due to some divine decree, it is merely that the rebellion of Adam against God affected us all because we are all the sons of Adam and have the nature of our father at birth. When Adam sinned his nature became "fallen," that is, enslaved to sin. Apart from the calling and empowerment of God, no one is able to come to God the Father for eternal life. Man is so depraved by sin that he is not capable of even desiring what is good apart from the convicting powers of the Holy Spirit.

Universal Atonement

When a sacrificial death is required for the forgiveness of sins, it is called an atonement. Christ died for all men. Christ's atonement for sin was decreed by the will of the Father, extended to all men, understood through the conviction of the Spirit and received by those who believe.

Forgiveness of Sin

Forgiveness of sins follows after the call of God. The call of God enables a man to understand God's offer of salvation. This call comes only through the proper preaching of the Gospel message. All who respond to this message in genuine faith are forgiven of their sins and receive the Holy Spirit.


Because believers receive the Holy Spirit, the Spirit causes the believer to desire what is right and empowers them to do what God requires. Discipleship is obedience to God, but no one can obey God apart from the work of the Holy Spirit. True disciples are spiritual in nature. That is, they have received the Holy Spirit when they received Jesus Christ through faith. True believers must actively accept the guidance of the Holy Spirit as the Spirit speaks through the written word of God.

Resurrection from the Dead

We believe in the resurrection of both the righteous and the wicked. Those who are righteous will rise to eternal life as heirs of Christ and the wicked rise to judgment and eternal damnation in hell. In the resurrection the believer receives a new and perfect body. At that time their new and incorruptible nature will be completed. Such a person is no longer "fallen," that is, no longer capable of sinning or dying again. The resurrection marks the completion of God's promise of salvation.

Eternal Life

As resurrected and saved people, we become heirs to all that God has created for us. The glory of what God has promised us in the future cannot be compared to the things of this world today. Those things we enjoy now will be exceeded by the glory of the things to come. Eternal life is glorious and joyful living forever without end.

Inerrancy of Scripture

We believe that God preserves His word without contradiction or error. This means that any "contradiction" found by a reader of the Bible is the result of misunderstanding and not the meaning of the written word. Because we believe that the Bible is inerrant, we draw conclusions that do not contradict any of the Bible. That does not mean we are inerrant in our understanding of God's word at times, only that God's revelation is perfect and those who seek to find actual meaning from the Bible must accept inerrancy as solid truth for Scripture to have any affect.

Final Authority

We believe that God has final authority in everything. The Holy Bible is our Scripture and is the final authority in every matter about which it speaks because God inspired the Bible. No Scripture is the result of man's imagination. Men inspired by God wrote the inerrant words of the Bible. By recognizing the "authority of Scripture," we are really accepting the authority of God and accept that the Bible truly is the word of God. We accept the King James Version (Authorized Version) as the perfect word of God for English speaking persons. We use it exclusively in all our services and do not question its text.